Skateparks throughout Ireland

Gorey skatepark, Wexford Co. Council. Located in the Gorey town park. The Skatepark was designed and constructed by Freestyle Skateparks UK. About 450m2 of concrete skatepark, with bowl and street areas for all levels. Helped by grant aid of €140,000 by Wexford Co. Council. The whole project has cost €250,000. See photos in the gallery here.

Updated 09/09/09

Well...its almost 3 years since Minister Dick Roche announced a landmark in Irish history by giving over €2 million to City and County Councils for the development of skateparks. We thought we`d ring a few place see how the projects are coming along. Thanks to all the people who chatted and told me their stories, if there is any mistakes, just let me know, and I will correct them.

Tralee skatepark, Co Kerry. They were hoping to have an indoor skatepark but it was too expensive. So far the project has been moving very slowly.Hopefully so more news soon. Saw someting on the e-tender website anyway for this. Bruce is on the case anyway.

Donaghmede skatepark, Dublin, is also finished. The first street and plaza styled skatepark in the country.

Bushy Park skatepark, Dublin, is also finished and was under the watchful eye of Airspeed from the USA. It is now officially opened and is a supervised skatepark so bring along pads and helmets. The only photos we have are of the construction work taking place. Can anyone send us a few good ones?

Greystones skatepark, Wicklow Co.Council is finished and officially opened. This park is big and features a massive bowl which has already caused few bruises. Excellent features in the street area and definitely a park worth a visit. They had a sloping site which made drainage very easy and saved a lot of the budget. Some of the design changed a small bit from the first designs but fair play to Wicklow Co.Council who have matched the funding of €150,000 and probably added more too. More photos in the gallery.

Lucan skatepark South Dublin Co. Council, is finished and is opened. Great news for the skaters up there who have been campaigning for a skatepark for over 15 years. Congrats to them from all down here in Gorey.


Ennis skatepark, Lees Road Sports & Amenity Park, Drumcliffe,Co Clare. This skatepark is also finished now. Ennis skatepark is open since last week some time we have been informed. It aint concrete though. They went for the modular option after all the advice they got!! Built by us company skatewave as far as I know. Hopefully some pics soon.

Ballincollig skatepark, Cork Co.Council, is a modular skatepark. Before christmas the site was waterlogged so no work was being done. It is a concrete pad 510m2 (30x 17) and are pouring concrete at the moment. Working under cover because of the nasty weather. They reckon it will take 6-8 weeks before the slab is finished. The project was helped by extra funding by Cork Co. Council who added around €70,000 to the project. This is the proposed layout.

Ballymacool skatepark, Letterkenny, Donegal Co. Council. This is another modular rhino ramps/ go play skatepark. The 680m2 skatepark is part of a 17.5 sports complex development. Athletics track, all weather pitches etc. A big development for the area. MMM, and they cant afford to put a decent concrete skatepark in? They hope to have it completed by May of this year.

Cabra skatepark, Dublin City Council. This a steel frame modular skatepark being done by GBH from the UK. All ramps are on a flat slab of concrete which is fenced in. About 900m2 (30x30) in size, accessed through John Paul II Park which has an athletics track and also all weather pitches surrounding it. They have the concrete base poured and are working on the fencing soon. This should be finished soon, see the gallery for some pics.

Monkstown skatepark , Dun Laoighaire/ RathdownCo. Council. This another concrete skatepark, a modular concrete skatepark, again by Spraoi linn Skate-stone. The work is taking place along side a big construction job on the fitness centre, extensions to buildings etc. The council here met with the skaters a couple of times and in-situ concrete was to be decided but some committee decided for the skate-stone. Work has begun on the groundworks for the whole project and not sure when the skatepark itself will start. Hope to have some preliminary designs soon.

Millennium Park Skatepark, Blanchardstown, Fingal Co. Council, Dublin. This is concrete modular skatepark about 900m2 in size. A German company - Skate Stone manufactures the concrete-precast ramps and then transports them over to be crane lifted into place. Spraoilinn are the agents here in Ireland (based only 20km away from Gorey) who won the tender for the skatepark are also doing one in Swords. This should be open soon too.

Galway City skatepark , Westside sports park. Modular skatepark. We got some pics of this park recently. See the gallery for more info.

Galway County skatepark , Tuam. I found out that this project is going nowhere fast. They have to move to a new site and the project is with corporate services end of the Council. They are looking at other projects close to them to see how they go and then maybe they might start something later this year.

Postlaoise skatepark, Church Avenue. Was opened last year. It is a modular skatpark that is mobile and can be move to other parts of the county if needed. As far as we can make out, about 300m2 big with an extra €25,000 in funding coming from the council there. They have a skateclub set up, and thanks to Liz for calling us back, keep up the good work.

postlaoise skatepark

Limerick City skatepark. The plans for the skatepark has moved site from O`Brien Park to an area down by the Shannon bridge, Dock road due to objections from locals. The drawings are nearly finished and hope then to tender for a construction company. This will be a concrete skatepark but work is progressing slowly. No idea yet on how big the site is.

Dundalk skatepark, Aisling Park,. Louth Co. Council. Its opened. A modular, 400m2 skatepark helped with €25,000 from the Council. Noel over the job was very pleased with how the whole process went and hopes to see more for the area over the coming years. Hopefully we will get some pictures soon.

Dunboyne skatepark, Meath Co. Council. This opened last year and is a modular skatepark. Its about 350m2 in size and cost about €90,000

Monaghan County skatepark, Monaghan town, are the planning stage also. They have a site and the skatepark will be a modular type, about 450m2 in size and helpde by an extra €20,000 from the County Council. Will have some more news soon.

Tullamore skatepark,Co. Offaly. The Tullamore skatepark its a modular skate park with concrete ground and it cost €92,000. Its located in Tullamore town park. Thanks to Neil Kirwan for that info.

Waterford City skatepark, Peoples Park, is progressing well. Drainage is a bit of a problem and caused some of the depths to change on the original designs.Freestyle Uk were chosen to construct the skatepark for them.A concrete 692m2 open access skatepark. Waterford City Co. are working together with a group of skaters and hope to have work started later this year.

waterford_city_skatepark waterford_city_skatepark

Waterford County skatepark, Tramore Town. This is a modular rhino ramps skatepark. The site is close to the sea and about 20m x 20m. It opened some time back in March we think. Some photos in the gallery

Athlone skatepark, Westmeath Co. Council. This will be a concrete skatepark, about 700m2 at the Athlone Regional Sports Centre. A.R.S.C. have given a huge €150,000 to help the project along. Freestyle are also contracted to do this skatepark with street and bowl, a good all around skatepark suitable for all levels. Hope to have it finished soon. Sounds good, some good people working on it. Hopefully a design soon to show off.

Swords skatepark, Fingal Co. Council, Dublin. Skate-stone were awarded this also as part of the blanchardstown project. They are working on this at the moment and is going to be 40m x40m in size. See the gallery for some photos.

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